Hi all,

Growing up I was never much of a cook, some may even say I was a horrible cook.  To put this in perspective; I once tried to turn on an electric stove with a match…..  Talk about embarrassing!

After becoming totally sick of being this idiot cook who couldn’t even turn on a stove..  I decided to learn and the thing I learned was that there are a ton of recipes out there that even I could make.  I’ve been collecting these recipes for YEARS now and I always refereed to it as “The Idiot’s Cookbook”.  It’s finally time to share these recipes with the world and teach other people how to make a great meal!

A lot of these meals are very simple, like how to cook french toast or how to make delicious baked chicken.  But there will also be great more advanced recipes like baked wellington (fillet mignon wrapped in puffed pastry)

If you have any requests, PLEASE let let me know and I’ll do my best to get them for you 🙂